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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Why wait when we can do it now, we always have excuses, I need to hit the gym, lose weight, I look too old, I look too fat, my hair this and or that, in the meanwhile, time passes.

My dad has passed on and now I look back at those images I took randomly, when I would tell him I wanted to do a photo shoot of him and he would say no now, for this reason for that reason.

Photography is one of those things that captures the essence of the inner person capturing their smile, that look on their face when no one is watching.

Those precious moments are passing by.

Those images I took of my dad in the years before he passed on are the very images that today bring a smile and the sense of him being right there with me. I don’t look back at those images and say oh my God he looked old or ugly or fat I just enjoy it.

You might be a young mom, and you don’t feel pretty or like a model, you’ve gained some weight.

You are beautiful the way you are, stop and schedule a family portrait session today, your kids are going to treasure that forever.

If you have a great-grandparents, or grandparents schedule them now and let’s get a beautiful portrait of them.

Think about it photography is forever!

A captured image of a loved one will be treasured for generations to come.

If finances are an issue, schedule a session with $50 down payment and let’s create a payment plan, no interest rate no late fees, and no more excuses!! Let’s do it now!

In conclusion, don’t wait!!

Take a moment click here to schedule a consultation, let’s go over clothing and the type of session you want, whether in the studio or environmental outdoors.

What was the one thing that stuck out to you?

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