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Quince information, get it all here!!

This session was so much fun, we were privileged to go up to Saint Augustine and capture amazing images of Janelle for her birthday party!!

Here are some images from Janelle's Pre- Party Quince Session.

La Quinceañera

What is a Quinceañera? A Quinceañera or Sweet 15 is a major milestone in a Hispanic girl's life. It signifies her entrance to womanhood and the acceptance of new responsibilities this brings. The history of the Quinceañera dates back to the 1500's, however the Quinceañera tradition is still popular today in Mexico, the United States, South America, and many other Spanish speaking countries.

What is the Purpose of a Quinceañera? This special celebration marks the begining of womanhood. Tradition places new responsibilities on the young woman such as houshold duties, work, and family needs. While a great deal of attention is placed on the celebration, the main purpose of a Quinceañera is for the young woman to live a life of faith, good morals and principles, devotion to her community, and live a decent lifestyle.

Where does a Quinceañera take place? Usually a church mass is celebrated first. Then, the dinner and dance celebration can be held at the church hall, reception/banquet hall, or many other unique possibilities.

How can I plan a Quinceañera? You will need a touch of protocol and much when it comes to the intricate planning of a Quinceañera. There are many websites and event planners whose goal is to help you in the planning of this special event! Here you will find a Quinceañera planning timeline, information on the Quinceañera order of events, Quinceañera theme ideas, Quinceañera songs suggestions and much, much more!

Lyric's pre-Quince session in the Hernando County area.

Here are some places in the area that you can purchase your Quince Dress:

Quinceanera Planning Timeline

Planning a Quinceanera can be hard work! We hope to ease the Quinceanera planning process by helping you in every way we can. Here's a list of things to get started on 1 to 2 years before the Quinceanera. Here is a useful list that will help you in the intricate task of planning a quinceanera! Print a list of what you should do one year before the quinceanera until the very special day!

1 to 2 Years Before Your Quinceanera:

  • Determine your budget.

  • Set the date for your Quinceanera.

  • Book the church. (Don't forget to book a rehearsal so that the quinceanera, her court of honor and her family can have a walk-through before the big day.)

  • Book the priest/minister. (if applicable.)

  • Book the reception site/Venue.

  • Book photographer and/or videographer. (Make sure and check with the church on their policy about filming in the church.)

  • Book caterer if reception location does not offer on site catering.

  • Book the entertainment for the party: DJ, mariachi, and/or band.

  • Book transportation for the quinceanera, her court of honor and family, from the church to the reception.

  • Research bakers and select cake for reception.

  • Determine your party theme or style. (This can be annything from a flower, a recent movie, or based on a hobby of the honoree.)

  • Choose the main colors.

  • Put together a preliminary guest list.

  • Decide on sponsors/padrinos. (Who is paying for what? )

  • Make a list of potential escort, damas, and chambelanes.

Nine Months Before the Quinceanera:

  • Begin shopping for your Quinceanera dress and accessories.

  • Decide on your honor escort and court of honor.

  • Choose and order the damas dresses and accessories.

  • Choose and order the chambelanes formal wear.

  • Hire a choreographer or dance instructor to help you with the quinceanera waltz during the reception.

  • Book rental services need for the reception such as tent, chairs, tables, etc.

  • Meet with ceremony officiant to discuss the quinceanera ceremony and your prefences.

Six Months Before the Quinceanera:

  • Choose and order Quinceanera Invitations.

  • Purchase decorations for the Quinceanera celebration.

  • Decide on and order quinceanera party favors .

  • Draft ceremony and reception outline.

  • Reserve hotel rooms for out of state guests.

  • If needed, find who will do alterations on your quinceanera dress.

Three Months Before the Quinceanera:

  • Finalize guest list.

  • Start addressing all quinceanera invitations.

  • Touch bases with all vendors such as the photographer, florists, and musicians to go over any details.

  • If you have not ordered your quinceanera dress, make sure to do so as soon as possible!

Two Months Before the Quinceanera:

  • Begin mailing quinceanera invitations.

  • Make appointments for hair, makeup, and nails.

  • Start preparing your speech to thank your family and guests.

  • Choose and prepare programs. (Optional)

One Month Before the Quinceanera:

  • Have a formal Quinceanera picture taken with your quinceanera dress.

  • Purchase gifts for court of honor.

  • Select the music for the main waltz during the reception.

  • Finish any final alterations needed on the quinceanera dress.

One Week Before the Quinceanera:

  • Contact guests who have not responded.

  • Confirm guest total with caterer and review final food and beverage selections.

  • Prepare reception seating chart and/or placecards.

  • Give photographer a list of shots you would like included.

  • Give musicians a list of music for the reception.

  • Make a list of all the items your need to take to the church. (candles, gifts, rosary, bible, etc..)

The Day of the Quinceanera:

  • Decorate ceremony and reception sites. (if neccessary)

  • Have hair, makeup, and nails done.

  • Prepare reception seating chart and/or placecards.

  • Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast prior to the ceremony.?It might be a while before you eat again at the reception.

  • Have someone keep an emergency kit with an extra pair of pantyhose, band-aids, makeup, and mini sewing kit.

  • Get your checklist of items needed for the reception and ceremony and make sure you have everything before you leave.

  • Relax and have fun! It's your party!!!!!

Venues I've worked with and will take care of you.

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