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Selfies are fun, but professional Portraits are FOREVER!

I've have the honor of capturing some of the same families year after year, watching their children grow and new members join the family. There’s also a joy in knowing that the images we capture are forever—gifted, treasured and passed down.

The days are busier than ever and we all tend to take more photos “on the fly.” It makes sense, as we carry cameras via our smartphones. But how often do we print those images? Gift them to others? Probably not as often as any of us would like.

The tradition of portraits carries on, and with good reason. Here’s what to consider if you’re debating getting Family Portraits done.

Selfies can not replace Family Portraits

Look through your smartphone photos and you’ll see that, most likely, few are of the whole family, with the lighting, wardrobe, background, and focus that you would choose if you could go back in time…and that’s fine! But for special moments, it’s worth planning ahead and having professional portraits made (with you in the photo, too).

Lets have fun! We can play games to get the kids to participate.

Quality is everything

There are so many factors that go into arranging, lighting, staging and crafting the perfect portrait. An experienced photographer can get the best out of each family member and from the collective group, resulting in a portrait that you’ll not only be proud to display in your home, but also to gift to others.

It's so much more then a Portrait.

How better to capture your family year after year, consistently, than through family portraits? Seeing how they change and grow is more than a worthwhile investment for you, it will prove to be for your children, as well, as they grow into adulthood. Plan ahead and find the photographer that captures your family’s style and schedule your session now!

View clothing and color option for the different times of the year.

To view examples of our family portraits captured in-studio and on-location click here.

There is no time to waste, click here to schedule your Family Portraits.

In conclusion, Photography is forever and these portrait will be there to bring back those amazing memories year after year.

Give me two reasons that selfies can not replace a portrait?

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