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Welcome to my blog!

As a photographer and artist,

I don’t see myself as a great writer but here I am giving it my best.

Here is a little about me.

I love capturing the beautiful inner person, who YOU are.

The other day I decided to text some of my closest friends and family and asked them what word describes me, and here is what I received:

Adventurous, loving, crazy and fun, energetic, laughter, joy, child at heart, loyal, smart, professional list, passion for life, artist, excitement.

I must’ve gotten more of the "energetic and crazy fun" than all the others but truthfully, that does describe me.

I am passionate about life!

Life is too short, we have to live it!!

YES, I know and this image really shows my crazy side!! lol

I love every aspect of photography from meeting new people, to capturing who they are to seeing your face when I give them the finished work.

I would like to in the days to come tell you my story, my daily life and why I love what I do.

Book me today! Lets create beautiful ART from you session.

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