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What is the difference between Senior formal portraits and the Senior fun session?

The senior year is a landmark moment in a young person‘s life.

The memories built specifically in this last year of high school for some reason become ones to never forget.

This is also a year that parents have more expenditures with the different activities and preparing for graduation.

As a photographer I understand all the list of to do‘s, and I want to help you in the Photography segment of this year.

The formal portrait is for the Yearbook and parents like to invest in a 16×20 portrait that you’ll hang on the wall as a proud parent.

Formal Portrait

The Senior Fun senior session is more about capturing who the student is during this time of their life, capturing their personality, the clothes they were in this season of their life.

It’s like a modeling session that I like to cater to each student individually to capture who they are to capture their inner beauty, The side of them that some don’t see.

Bringing the element of fun, props and anything to capture the wow factor!

With the fun senior session, there are products that you can purchase to tell the story best.

You can invest in one of your favorite images enlarged to a 20×24 canvas gallery wrap, to display beautifully in your home.

Also you can choose our story book senior album, again displaying your favorite images from the session telling the story of who they are.

For graduation you could also choose the graduation announcements, that I design with a selection of favorite images from the session.

Wallets, desk prints are also available to give to family and friends.

Click here to see the different sessions available.

Contact me here if you would like to set up a consultation.

In conclusion, remember, these are memories that you will treasure forever, this investment will always bring joy to your life.

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