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At the office Retouching!

Editing can take hours, depending on the photo-shoot.

I will come from the session and download the images immediately!

I then delete any unwanted images and go through every image and start the editing and rendering process.

Cropping and color correcting are just a few of the steps I take to get an image to where I want it. Once I have made those edits, I take the chosen images and get in there really close, touch up the blemishes, enhance area's to focus on my subject.

As an artist my passion is to give an image a twist in the retouching process to take it to the next level. Each photographer has his/her style of finishing an image. When I consult my clients I find out what they want, what they are expecting from the finished product.

Over the years I have learned that people don't understand t for social media use is handled as far as detail differently then an image that will be a 30x40 Canvas on your wall. So much more detail, close up work is done on such an image.

When consulting the session with your photographer, know what you want, what the end goal is.

I love creating art, and my clients know what to expect from the beginning to end. When I first connect with my client, we go over all the options, the clothing, the location, and the type of poses. When I am photographing them on session day, I can start looking ahead to capture those specific images to create beautiful art for the client.

In conclusion, know what you want! Talk to your photographer and allow him/her to direct and guide you to the finish line.

Why do you think an image used for social media is different then an image for a 30x40 canvas?

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